Galerie De Bayser

Marko Velk

Powder and coal

Curator: Patrick, Louis, Matthieu and Augustin de Bayser, essai by Jean Clair


We are talking about "black" night and "white" night. The night stands at the extremes. Sometimes she covers and sometimes she reveals herself. Sometimes one goes astray in her, and sometimes one flees her lucidity. At night, in its double postulation, the rigor of the drawing which, from black to white, leans on these two extremes, and unfolds its domain between black and white, between life and death, dust and soil.

The drawing has the rigor of the night. He is born from the same source, he feeds on the same dreams, and he obeys the same discipline. He emerges from the forms of the day, which the light discovers, but he inscribes himself in a space so rigorous, with so limited means of suggestion, that it is related to the immateriality of the dream, in the hollow of the night, whether it is white or black.....

Essai by Jean Clair from the Académie Française 

From 21 March 2019 to 12 April 2019
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Artwork(s) loaned
  • Trespasser V (Self-portrait)

    Marko Velk (1969)

    Trespasser V (Self-portrait) 2017
    Charcoal and pastel on paper