Maison Caillebotte

Figurations. Another contemporary art

Curator: Guy Boyer

Since the 1950s, a figurative section of contemporary art has developed in the shadow of the avant-gardes. Neglected by museum institutions, it has nevertheless been defended by demanding gallery owners and has won over an audience of knowledgeable and international collectors. This work of the line, of the expression, of the human needs to be looked at from now on in the light of the return of the figuration that we can see today. Hanging in the Ferme Ornée, a hundred works chosen by the art critic Guy Boyer make it possible to find 35 artists who do not have the place they deserve, such as Dado, Jean Rustin, Gilles Aillaud and Dominique Renson, or which have recently been revived by museums such as Sam Szafran, Susanne Hay and Pierre Skira.

Maison Caillebotte

From 13 May 2023 to 22 October 2023
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Artwork(s) loaned
  • Untitled (La Foule)

    Raymond Mason (1922—2010)

    Untitled (La Foule) 1965
    Sam Szafran Collection