La cité du Vin


From Baudelaire to Picasso

Curator: Laurence Chesneau-Dupin, Marion Eybert, Stéphane Guégan

For its first major temporary exhibition, "La Cité du Vin" presents more than hundred works combining painting, photography, drawing, cinema and literature. This exhibition aims to highlight the essential role of "cafés" and "pubs" in the artist creation and society, from the late eighteenth century to the present day.

Sometimes leaving France for the rest of Europe and the United States, and mixing traditional mediums with photography and cinema, this exhibition celebrates the living and fruitful links between the world of the arts and the world of "bistrots".

La Cité du Vin

From 17 March 2017 to 21 June 2017
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Artwork(s) loaned
  • Wine

    Albert Gleizes (1881—1953)

    Wine 1912
    Oil on board
    Former collection of Duchamp-Villon brothers (Raymond then Jacques)